Our Values

Bahçe Tarım Limited Şirketi is a leading company in the dried fruit market since 2019, specializing in dried fruit, nut processing and packaging. Thanks to the experience gained in the export of dried fruit for many years, it has always adopted the principle of offering the best quality to its customers at the most affordable prices. In order to offer better and quality dried apricots and dried fruits to domestic and international customers, our factories located in Malatya 1st Organized Industry area have been updated with more modern machines. In line with our export process abroad, we have reached a faster export network with our warehouse in Le Bel Paris in France.
Our annual capacity in the export of dried apricots and other dried fruits is around 3000 tons. As a reflection of its respect for the dry food packaging and distribution business, Bahçe Tarım has become a sought-after supplier company in domestic and international markets as a result of its focus on product quality, meticulous work and innovative R&D activities.
We act with the awareness that the most important value that humanity should have is respect. In all our work, we adopt an understanding that respects both the physical and emotional personality of the individuals in our society and tolerates their differences.
We know how the issues of human rights, environmental responsibility, economic responsibility, product and service responsibility, responsibility for the best work environment for employees and contribution to society work, respectively, and we state that we are always aware of these responsibilities.
As Bahçe Tarım, we have always supported and supported change for continuous development without compromising our values. We know that the strategic importance we attach to R&D and innovation is involved in reaching the best quality point for each of our products bearing our signature.